The Worcestershire 1000 Team

We are a partnership

One Worcestershire is partnership of private sector businesses and public sector organisations all coming together to promote our county.

Partners include councils and business support organisations, the university and business networks all working together as One Worcestershire.

An image of Keith Beech

Richard Soper

Former Chief Executive of Worcester Bosch, Richard was born and educated in Worcestershire and spent the majority of his career based in Worcester.  At present, Richard is the Chair of the Regency High School Governors and also Chairs the Worcester Community Trust, in addition, working with Worcestershire County Council and the Local Enterprise Partnership on their education and internships programme as well as the Worcestershire initiative.

Richard describes Worcestershire’s business community as proud, he considers that the Worcestershire approach can support the business community by maintaining Worcestershire’s growth expectations and encourage investment.


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Gary Woodman

Chief Executive of Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (WLEP), Gary is responsible for driving Worcestershire’s Economic Strategy forward and leading WLEP’s Executive Team to deliver the county’s economic ambitions and oversight of the annual business plan.

Gary has been actively involved in projects including the 5G Testbed and Apprenticeships Portal in addition to the establishment of BetaDen, a new technology accelerator. He is excited to be involved in the Worcestershire initiative.


An image of Keith Beech

Keith Beech

Keith is the Head of Communications at Worcestershire County Council. When describing the business community in Worcestershire, Keith says that there is positive activity to develop the county’s economy. The Worcestershire approach brings this activity together and by harnessing passion for the county, much can be achieved.

Keith wanted to get involved in the Worcestershire initiative because he firmly believes that by telling more people about what Worcestershire has to offer, we can bring in businesses to set up and grow here in the county, we can attract visitors to spend time here and we can encourage people to make Worcestershire their home.

Phoebe Dawson Profile Picture

Phoebe Dawson

Phoebe is the Director of Inward Investment and Partnerships at Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership. Under this role, Phoebe leads on the Invest in Worcestershire initiative, which supports and encourages new and existing business to invest in the county. Prior to joining WLEP, Phoebe was CEO of Worcester Business Improvement District so has first-hand experience of developing successful Business to Business (B2B), as well as Business to Consumer (B2C) brands.

Phoebe is delighted to be involved in the One Worcestershire initiative. One Worcestershire harnesses the drive, enthusiasm, and passion for our county which is demonstrated on a daily basis by our businesses and residents.

Phoebe was born and bred in Worcestershire, however she moved to the South- East in her twenties, returning to Worcestershire eight years later. The opportunities, obvious investment/improvements, and quality of life on offer tempted her back and she is passionate about ensuring Worcestershire celebrates everything it has to offer and is certain One Worcestershire is the route to do so.

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Vince Hopkins

Vince is Director of BRI Wealth Management and describes Worcestershire’s business community as fair-minded, collegiate and supportive.

Vince considers that the Worcestershire initiative can help businesses to unite and will facilitate the creation of a county identity. For Vince, it is important that “no one” owns the brand but considers that we all do. 

Having been a member of the Worcestershire Ambassadors for ten years and Chairman for three, Vince got involved in the Worcestershire approach because its objectives are identical to what the Ambassadors are also endeavouring to achieve. 

Vince is also heavily involved with Wooden Spoon charity within Worcestershire.


An image of Sue Crow

Sue Crow

Sue is a Growth and Investment Manager at Worcestershire County Council.

Sue describes Worcestershire’s economy as diverse with no sector dominating, she says that this makes for a resilient economy. She describes the local business community as collaborative, supportive and extremely proud to live and work in the county. This has meant that businesses have been very keen to get involved with the Worcestershire initiative.

Sue believes that the best thing about the Worcestershire approach is that it can be used by any business or organisation to tell the story of Worcestershire, it also provides a platform for our local businesses and organisations to tell their own  inspirational stories about why they are here in the county and why their businesses are thriving. This new brand provides everyone with a platform to promote the county as a great place to work, live, visit and Invest.

She got involved in the initiate because she lives and works in the county and recognises what a great place it is, and it shouldn’t be one of our best kept secrets.

An image of Megan Warburton

Megan Warburton

Megan is the Brand Co-Ordinator for Worcestershire. Having relocated to the Midlands for this role, she considers that Worcestershire’s business community is inclusive and supportive and believes that the Worcestershire approach provides a platform to unite its businesses and organisations. The Worcestershire initiative recognises the shared aim of promoting the fantastic work that is done across the county regionally, nationally and internationally. 

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Jane Doyle

Jane is the Communications and Engagement Officer for North Worcestershire Economic Development and Regeneration (NWedR). She is responsible for working to ensure that the voice of North Worcestershire is heard.

Jane describes the business community in Worcestershire as friendly, proactive and innovative and considers that the Worcestershire approach provides a robust, meaningful and proud platform to show the diversity and opportunity of the county.

An image of Harry Lonsdale

Harry Lonsdale

Harry is currently the Alumni Communications Coordinator at the University of Worcester. This role is aimed to engage graduates to continue to be a part of the University community.

A lot of University of Worcester Alumni go on to work and live in Worcestershire after such a positive studying experience and Harry has a passion for help these young people develop and achieve in the county. The University also contributes massively to the local community whether that be volunteering to fundraising which is really important to continue to work on.

Now living and working full-time in Worcestershire after moving from London 5 years ago, Harry wants to help promote the great opportunities there are for young people starting careers in this fantastic part of the country.