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Worcester News FSB Column: Support Your Local Small Business, Says Mike Goodall

Published: Wednesday, 17th June 2020

Coronavirus has resulted in a huge period of national crisis which, as it unfolded, saw more than half (51 per cent) of all small firms closed at some stage of the lockdown.

In our villages, high streets, town centres and shopping centres, small businesses have faced an unprecedented period of turbulence the likes of which none have seen before.

So it is welcome to see that this week, thousands of small businesses in England reopened their doors for the first time since March.

Initial signs are promising, with consumers and the public at large obviously keen to get back to some sense of normality – albeit while observing caution with regards to social distancing and hygiene measures.

This is all good news but we must remain vigilant and realistic.  This will not be a simple matter of getting straight back to normal, straight away.

While there is welcome light at the end of the tunnel, the situation remains challenging for everyone. Flexibility, patience and mutual support on all sides will be key to emerging from this crisis, step by step and in the best shape possible.

As for the small business community – they make up 99 per cent of all businesses in the country.

They are the backbone of the national economy and are at the heart of their local communities. 

They will play a pivotal role in the economic recovery over the weeks and months to come. Therefore it has never been more important for all of us to support our local small firms and our self-employed entrepreneurs.


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