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New Social Distancing Solution Ensures Worcestershire is Open For Business

Published: Thursday, 25th June 2020 The Safety Screen Nick Baxter

An innovative solution to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission, invented in Worcestershire, has launched this week.

Current Manging Director of Baxter Williams Recruitment Agency, Nick Baxter has collaborated with a client who works in plastics manufacturing to create ‘The Safety Screen’.


It’s is a crystal-clear, high-grade plastic screen which is easily assembled to any desk to provide a physical and effective barrier, making it entirely unique from any social distancing solution currently available.


It will ensure employers adhere to social distancing regulations, enabling staff to return to work, confident in their safety.


As an ex-professional rugby player, Nick is passionate about everything ‘team’. Speaking with his network, the idea for The Safety Screen was triggered by his understanding the ‘new normal’ cannot be embraced until colleagues are able to work together.


Nick said: “We want everyone to return to work swiftly, embracing the ‘new normal’, feeling confident in their safety and working as a team once again.


“The Safety Screen ensures a safe and effective working environment.”


The Safety Screen offers a more durable, cost effective and sustainable shield compared to the standard Perspex screen but still enabling employees to communicate.


The unique, patented social distancing tool will help to ensure Worcestershire is open for business by enabling both employers and staff to embrace the ‘new normal’.


Nick’s Safety Screen products include the ‘Mini’ screen, the ‘Front’ screen, the ‘L’ screen and the ‘U’ screen to fit any table top.


For more information on The Safety Screen go to:

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