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Graduates, Think Worcestershire

Published: Friday, 27th September 2019

Worcestershire is tackling graduate unemployment one opportunity at a time.

The county starts with offering a fantastic University education with 76% of University of Worcester graduates in professional employment.


Thanks to the county’s size and location, there are plenty of graduate opportunities. Young people can engage with Worcestershire’s strong graduate networks.


There are jobs available to graduates in various sectors, such as communications, design, education, health, manufacturing, sales, sport, and tech.


The county is also home to large-scale companies including GTech, Gymshark, Morgan Motor Company and Worcester Bosch.


Councillor Marcus Hart, Worcestershire County Council’s Cabinet member with Responsibility for Education and Skills said: “Worcestershire is extremely proud to offer so many opportunities to graduates. The county invests in business and infrastructure to support the employment of young people when they leave University.”


If you are called to be an entrepreneur, Worcestershire has been recognised as one of the top places in the UK for business start-ups with 38,764 registered companies.


There is substantial support and opportunity available to young people who have left University and are searching for employment, making it an excellent place to begin a career.


Adam Barker, University of Worcester Graduate said: “Learning and working in Worcestershire has proven to be a real turning point in my working life and for that I will always be grateful.


The county has given me so many opportunities to explore teaching as a career option since I moved permanently from Staffordshire at the start of this year, and the work that I have done since moving to the county will prove invaluable for me going forward.”

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