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(Worcester News) FSB Column: Careers Fair for Next Generation of Talent

Published: Thursday, 13th February 2020

Local employers looking to recruit the next generation of talent can look forward to The University of Worcester Business Careers Fair on Thursday, March 26, at the University Arena, 11.30am-3pm.

The fair is a great opportunity to meet some of the county’s best students. It’s also a great way for local businesses to promote their brand and showcase their willingness to engage with local graduates.

County-based businesses with openings for graduates – including placements, internships and casual work – can take up the offer of free exhibition space at the event. There are even complimentary refreshments and lunch available to those that take part.

This showcase event will help Worcestershire businesses to capitalise upon the pool of fresh talent available to them locally.

Students offer a broad range of skills from a diverse range of courses including business management, computing, accounting, hr, marketing and international business and entrepreneurship.

Many have already gained valuable experience from work placements, volunteering and community projects in the local area. As a result, they bring with them a broad range of skills and insights that could positively benefit your business.


For the students themselves, small businesses have a huge amount to offer. That’s because they can often provide much more flexible, varied and detailed experience of different business disciplines than larger corporates. In larger businesses, roles can be quite tightly defined with relatively few opportunities to experience the wider workplace first-hand. Conversely, in smaller businesses employees often have to turn their hand to a range of tasks. This can give them much greater insight into the many roles, challenges and opportunities involved in running a successful enterprise.

While there is much in the national media about the shortage of skilled labour, the Worcester Business Careers Fair will showcase the massive potential available to local employers, small and large, right on their doorstep.

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