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In recent years Worcestershire has been thriving

Our economy has grown, our people are positive, we’re at the very centre of change for good and we’re ready for more.

Home to six districts

Worcester, Redditch, Wychavon, Malvern Hills, Wyre Forest and Bromsgrove – Worcestershire moves together as one. The county holds a myriad of opportunities for new and growing business, a hub for technological innovation and a beautiful home for skilled people. Come and join us. 

Economic revival

In recent years Worcestershire has been one of the fastest growing local economies in the country and we’re open for business. Recently, we’ve been recognised as one of the UK’s best homes for business start-ups – the proof is in the fact that 38,764 companies are registered here. They’re thriving too. Our fastest growing midsized companies saw revenue of £3.15bn in the past year.


We are creators, ground breakers, innovators. Worcestershire’s Cyber Valley is so named for good reason. It is home to the biggest cluster of cyber security firms outside of London, with 20% of the top 600 companies in the UK based in the county. We’re at the forefront of new developments too. The county was one of the first locations to receive funding to develop 5G applications and we’re not stopping there.

Advanced manufacturing

Essentially the use of new and innovative technology to develop and improve manufacturing, this sector accounts for 4.7% of the total workforce jobs in Worcestershire, far more than in the rest of the UK. New opportunities are constantly arising as Engineering UK estimates that 124,000 engineers and technicians are needed every year. There is particular promise in Redditch and Wychavon where over half of advanced manufacturing roles in the county are based.


Covering everything from traditional agriculture, horticulture and forestry to the technological advances of chemical processing, hydroponics and robotics, agri-tech is a diverse industry. In Worcestershire it accounts for 1.6% of the workforce and is a particular focus in the more rural areas of the Vale of Evesham and Malvern Hills. The Agri-Tech research centre at Pershore College is a key research and development facility for the sector.

Business and professional services

Across the county there are over 33,000 jobs in business and professional services and that number is set to grow as opportunity for highly skilled roles in the sector increases across the UK. As Worcestershire is home to several large head offices, including Worcester Bosch and Halfords, demand for strong management, administration and customer service skills is high.


West Midlands is expected to see the highest growth rate in construction activities over the next five years. Currently, Worcestershire accounts for 11% of the West Midlands’ construction workers, amounting to over 23,000 roles. The county has a high proportion of self-employed construction workers and will see a rise in wood trades, electricians, plumbers and construction process managers over the next five years as demand increases.

Food and drink production

Over 33,000 people are employed in the food and drink industry in the West Midlands alone and a wide selection of roles in the sector are available in Worcestershire. Ranging from picking, packing and assembly to higher skilled roles in software design, process and product engineering, over 4,500 people are employed in the manufacture of food products in Worcestershire.

Hospitality and tourism

Worcestershire is a centre for tourism and so has a significant number of historical houses, museums, hotels and cultural assets spread around the county. Around 2,250 people here work in hotels or accommodation, with a further 2,500 based at the cultural and entertainment centres, including National Trust properties and the popular West Midland Safari Park, which delight visitors.

IT, digital and cyber security

Worcestershire is home to more tech and digital businesses than any other area in the country and Malvern Hills’ Cyber Valley is a real hotspot for digital innovation. Cyber security is the fastest growing sector in the Midlands – over 7,500 people are employed in this sector in Worcestershire – and is linked to other growth areas such as advanced manufacturing, finance, and transport. In the next five years it is forecast that thousands of new jobs will be created, cementing Worcestershire’s reputation as a centre for technology.