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Virtual Queuing App Keeps Businesses Booming During Covid-19

Published: Thursday, 5th November 2020 Image of iPhone displaying the booking system on the MyQSafe app

A local barber has developed an app to help customers queue safely during Covid-19.

A Worcestershire business owner has developed a new way to keep his customers and staff safe during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Ellis Campbell, owner of local barbershop ‘Ellis Campbell & Co’, developed a mobile app, MyQSafe, during the pandemic allowing customers to queue virtually. 

The one of a kind mobile app removes the need for businesses such as barbers, hairdressers and beauty salons to ask customers to queue in their shop. Customers simply scan a unique QR code which places them into a virtual queue and texts them when it is their turn. This not only frees space in store, but also frees the customer to continue shopping whilst they wait for their appointment. 

The app was developed following changes made during the Covid-19 pandemic. As the number of customers who could be in a store at any one time became limited, the industry was faced with a unique problem.

Ellis Campbell, MyQSafe Developer, said: “When the pandemic forced barbers all over the country to close, I couldn’t just sit there and accept that. I started to think about ways to make sure I could reopen my business in a safe way that protects my customers and my team in the shop.

“I combined forces with local entrepreneur Dean Nicholas and app development team Green Gorilla to build the app that’s taking virtual queueing to the next level.

“We hope that our app will be able to play a key part in helping businesses not only survive the this second lockdown, but thrive after it.” 

Councillor Ken Pollock, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Economy and Infrastructure, said: “Its important that Worcestershire businesses find new ways to innovate their service offering during this difficult time. 

“This is a great example of adapting to the current circumstances and finding new ways to ensure a business continues to thrive.

“Following the reopening after the second lockdown, this app will be crucial in getting Worcestershire and it’s businesses back open for business.” 

Since its launch in July, the MyQSafe app has registered over 98,000 actions by over 11,000 clients, including global brands such as NEXT, H&M, Pandora and L’Occitane. Businesses looking to sign up to the MyQSafe app can do so at the MyQSafe website. 

If you’ve had a bright idea as a result of the pandemic, but not quite sure how to get it off the ground then why not check out WINN (Worcestershire Innovation). WINN are creating a community of individuals and businesses, wherever they are in the business life cycle, to ensure they have access to all areas of support. From online community forums to detailed B2B support and grants, WINN is the county’s home for innovation. Find out more on the WINN website.

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