Worcestershire Film Festival: Celebrating Independent Film in the Midlands

Worcestershire Film Festival: Celebrating Independent Film in the Midlands

The Worcestershire Film Festival is back for another exciting year! The festival, which has been a favourite among filmmakers and film lovers alike, celebrates the Worcestershire burgeoning film industry. The festival creates a platform for independent filmmakers from different countries to connect, network and collaborate, making it an international melting pot of the industry.

The 2024 festival promises to be as exciting as previous years, with everything attendees have come to love about the festival - ODEON Cinema Screening Venue, Filmmaker Q&As, Special Screenings, Workshops, Pitch Event, Industry Talks, Launch Event, Awards Gala, Film Socials and more to be announced!

Kelly Mikulla, Founder and Managing Director of Worcestershire Film Office said: "Worcestershire is rapidly becoming a hidden gem in the film industry, offering everything from historic landmarks and quaint villages to modern urban settings and a variety of large, empty buildings of all shapes and sizes. Conveniently located in the heart of the country with easy access from the M5, Worcestershire is an ideal and accessible destination for filmmakers.  The Worcestershire Film Office is dedicated to providing production support and location research to all types of productions, ensuring a fast turnaround and within budget."

In previous years the festival has boasted many achievements, including hosting 2 Feature Film UK Premieres, being held in the prestigious ODEON Cinema Screening Venue and providing a space for networking events and film socials in conjunction with various partners like Birmingham Film & Television Market and Worcestershire Film Office. The festival has also featured talks by luminaries such as BAFTA, Murray Gold (composer of Doctor Who) and Industrial Light and Magic.

Having showcased around 300 films from 40 countries in ODEON Cinemas across the West Midlands the festival is an excellent opportunity for Independent film makers to launch their projects.

The festival's late deadline for applications is 25 June 2024, and officially selected candidates will be notified on 9 July 2024. Filmmakers can submit their work through the festival's website.

For more information, please visit the Worcestershire Film Festival website or contact the festival at info@worcsestershirefilmfestival.co.uk.

Alongside the film festival, Worcestershire is rapidly becoming a creative hub for filmmakers only last week BBC's Father Brown was filmed in Worcester! Worcestershire Film Office provides diverse locations from the picturesque to the industrial and urban across the county. The Office also provide permits, cast, crew and film industry supplies. Alongside Midland Road Studios Worcestershire is becoming the perfect place to Invest in the creative industry.

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